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Life or Something Like It

30 December 1984
Interests: (21)
artsy crafty things, battlestar galactica, books, food, itunes, juicy fruit, kevin richardson, macs, mountains, reading, singing, some sci-fi, star wars, stargate atlantis, studying wicca, the dresden files, the internet, the outdoors, various music, wicked musical and novel, writing too
I'm a writer. I loved college, but I've just graduated and ready for the next phase of life. I don't usually like to tell a lot about myself online, especially to people I don't know, so that's why this is friends only, but whatever I write will probably confuse the hell out of anyone who doesn't know me because they wouldn't know what I'm talking about yeah...that's me and "Arwen" is a pseudonym, because that's the name I'd want if it weren't my real name. And I think Arwen was pretty cool in LOTR. :)